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Superset Circuit Workouts and Compound Bodyweight Exercises

High intensity, Superset Circuit Mounted and Doorway Pull Up Bar workouts get results fast with exercises that engage multiple muscle groups and critical core muscles for maximum metabolic effect. With pull up bar routine from Ultimate Body Press, it’s easy to realize a new relationship with fitness and perform better than ever before with just a few minutes every day.  Muscle is the most metabolically active fiber in the body. Muscle burns fat. But for even greater results it’s brief exercise throughout the day, particularly around meal times, that activates the metabolism and keeps it activated for even greater fitness results. Easy access to your gear lets you hit quick reps so you can bridge the gap between larger workouts with daily progress. We provide extensive training resources on our main USA web site and YouTube Channel. Please click here to learn more.

Mounted Pull Up Bars

The mounted pull up bar rewards all skill levels with performance that inspires frequent workouts. Confidence in your bar means you can focus on form and reps for better results in less time. Ultimate Body Press makes bars for wall and ceiling mount, doorway and joist mount as well. Explore your placements open with complete confidence, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Workout Gear

Add fresh inspiration to your gym with Workout Gear like Ab Straps, Indian Clubs, Gymnastic Rings, 12” Parallettes in steel or wood and more. The right gear lets you dial in custom workouts for every day of the week. Shop now.