Dip Station and Push Up Rings Package Deal
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Dip Bar & Push Up Ring Package

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Product Description

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar and Push Up Rings Package brings profoundly effective bodyweight exercises to your home gym. Be inspired by fresh results right from your first workout with innovative gear that also expands the versatility of your existing pull up bar. The package features the updated Dip Station with new white powder-coat finish for the handles. Satisfaction is guaranteed, order your Dip Bar and Push Up Rings Package today.

Get New Results with your at Home Gym
Reenergize your at home workouts with the Dip Bar fitness station and Push Up Rings Package from Ultimate Body Press. Dips, Body Weight Rows, Knee Raises and Ring Push Ups are the top compound bodyweight exercises that build lean upper body and core muscle fast. Moving the Push Up Rings to your pull up bar opens up additional bodyweight exercises like assisted pull ups and one legs squats, bicep curls, ab roll outs, the standing chest press and more. If you are ready for new inspiration and the right results in your home gym, order the Dip Bar and Push Ups Rings package today.

The Original Dip Bar Fitness Station
Target chest, shoulders, arms and core with multiple exercises in your home or office and while traveling. The Ultimate Body Press Fitness Station get you the results you want fast.

  • Dips rapidly build a sculpted upper body
  • Angled grips and asymmetric frame enable both tricep dips and chest dips
  • Bodyweight Rows balance chest and shoulder development
  • Knee Raises strengthen core and lower back

Push Up Rings
The Push Up Rings suspension trainer transforms your Dip Bar Fitness Station and any pull up bar with a full range of compound bodyweight exercises. Rolled steel hooks, 7 ft. straps, and quick adjust buckles switch easily between exercises and the high density foam rigid core grips are ultra comfortable. Assisted Pull Ups and One Leg Squats power beginners through full workouts while stability exercises like Chest Flies and Ring Push Ups challenge intermediate and advanced users. Push Up Rings are the Ultimate home gym accessory.

1 – Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar

1 – New Improved Push up Rings Accessory

Weight Capacity: Dip Station: 350 lbs
Push Up Rings: 350 lbs
Shipping Weight: 24 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 4 inches

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