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Exercise Resistance Bands

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Product Description

It's amazing how our Exercise Resistance Bands are so simple and also so incredibly effective and versatile.

Purchasing our exercise bands lets you take the best strength training moves from the gym into your house or with you when you travel.

The Ultimate Body Press exercise bands come with 3 different strength tubes and Quick Release Connectors meaning you can quickly and easily adjust resistance. Use all three bands for up to 80 lbs of resistance for exercises like chest press, standing rows, and military press. Or choose just one band to more effectively target smaller muscle groups during exercises like shoulder raises or tricep extensions. Even use our Exercise Bands with your Doorway Pull-Up Bar for even better results.There are so many ways to use the Resistance Bands, and we will show you how. Our workout section teaches you how to get the most of this versatile fitness product.

-Includes 2 hand grips, 2 ankle straps, 1 door anchor and 3 resistance bands (Red = 5 lb ,Blue = 10 lb and the Green = 15 lb)


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