Fast Abs Resistance Trainer - Ankle attachments target the chronically undertrained muscles in entire lower body.
Variable resistance and multiple exercisesMake measureable gains in your speed and agilityVersatile Targeted Training for Adominals and Legs

New! Fast Abs Pack Resistance Trainer

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Get the Ab workout with the right results

You are going to love how you look, move and feel with the innovative new Fast Abs Pack resistance trainer from Ultimate Body Press. The abs are at the top of the list for how you look but proper core training affects your entire body and is crucial for athletes looking for a speed and agility edge. With variable resistance and the exclusive anchoring system, the Fast Abs Pack gets you the results you are looking for and more right from the first workout.

Love how you look
The Fast Abs Pack is targeted strength training for your abdominal muscles core. Three sets of resistance bands let you adjust and build on your workouts to help inspire your progress and get results fast. With targeted strength training for your abdominals, you build lean core muscle that burns more fat so your definition will always show clearly.

Love how you move
The Fast Abs Pack conditions the chronically undertrained areas of your lower abdominals, hips, glutes and hamstrings to provide incredible stability training. By also strengthening the key muscles in your hips, knees and ankles you dramatically improve your balance, move more effectively and increase your resistance to injury – especially injury of the knee. With major improvements in your balance, you are going to love how you move every time you move.

Love how you feel
Resistance training the core muscles helps you feel great all day long whether your are sitting at a desk or performing on the field. Conditioning core muscles improves your posture and reduces stress throughout your entire body. You will feel strong and confident when you entire body is working in concert.

Your Fast Abs Pack combines three sets of resistance bands and two anchors for easy set-up in your door frame or any other stationary anchor. The color coded bands give you pure resistance without the inertia and momentum of a traditional weight. You can also use it with a partner and it packs easily in the included case for storage and travel. Like all Ultimate Body Press gear, the Fast Abs Pack is supported with open access to our online workout guides, videos, and YouTube channel.

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1 – Door Anchor 1 – Velcro Utility Anchor, 2 – Ankle Straps 3 – Pairs of Resistances Bands 1 – Carrying Bag

Weight Capacity: 5-45 lbs
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 4 inches
Instruction Manual Fast Abs Manual.pdf

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